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Our portfolio

Our portfolio provides attractive places to work, shop and live. In Retail, we focus on regional and local multi-let assets which are in tune with modern consumer lifestyles. Our Offices portfolio comprises our three London campuses, as well as distinctive standalone properties, offering attractive, well-managed and well-connected environments.

Our strategy

Our focus on creating Places People Prefer drives enduring demand for our properties. This generates long term growth in rents and capital value, and together with an optimal capital structure, delivers sustainable long term value.

Customer Orientation

Responding to changing lifestyles

  • Expand the use of data and analytics to drive insight
  • Leverage technology to develop high quality, value-added services for our occupiers
  • Develop our brand to be recognised for creating Places People Prefer

Right Places

Creating great environments, inside and out

  • Focus on mixed use, lifestyle real estate
  • Position our places to appeal to a wider range of occupiers
  • Invest in existing assets and emerging locations which benefit from regeneration and growth

Capital Efficiency

Disciplined use of capital

  • Recycle capital to maximise performance
  • Manage our development exposure and financial leverage while maintaining the benefits of scale

Expert People

The knowledge and skills to deliver

  • Maintain and enhance key skills sets, particularly in technology, customer service and insights
  • Promote an inclusive and diverse culture – Leverage expertise through cross-team collaboration

Our people

Our small but expert team is the pulse behind our business focusing on areas where we can create the most value.


Good corporate governance is an integral part of how we ensure long-term success.