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Investing in London

The impact on London of the UK’s departure from the EU is unclear, but its capacity to evolve is well established. We believe that the ease of doing business, its intellectual capital, culture, diversity and reputation for innovation underpins London’s long term appeal as a global business and cultural centre. 58% of our portfolio is located here, and £4 billion of our assets are in close proximity to Crossrail stations, reflecting the importance of well-connected space to our customers.

Getting closer to our customers

Our strategy is focused on our occupiers and their customers and employees. We have invested in the skills and resources we need to better understand their preferences. In Retail, our data profiles the demographics of local catchments and our shoppers, as well as when and how people use our centres, highlighting the potential of each scheme. In Offices, we survey office workers and engage with key decision makers from a range of businesses, providing important insight into how to improve our work spaces.

Creating great environments

Across our business, our strategy is to control the wider environment on both our multi-let retail centres and our London campuses, enabling us to deliver places which are attractive and authentic but also functional and efficient. Our environments are designed to reflect people’s changing lifestyles, where the distinction between work and leisure time is increasingly blurred. We target a mix of occupiers and services which reflect the local catchment and provide events which enliven our places and bring communities together.

Maintaining a flexible development pipeline

Development has been an important driver of returns and we have assembled a pipeline of opportunities across a range of uses. In the more uncertain environment, our appetite for speculative development has moderated, but we are well placed to progress our plans when the time is right. The majority of the development opportunities in our portfolio enhance existing assets.

Promoting health and wellbeing

We are focused on delivering environments which promote wellbeing and improve productivity. Social places, green spaces and initiatives which encourage active living, such as cycle racks and fitness centres are incorporated where possible and wellbeing activities form an important part of our events programme across both our Retail and Offices portfolios. At 100 Liverpool Street, we are targeting the WELL Building Standard which supports wellbeing innovations that help create healthier, more productive offices.