Biritish Land

Buildings and environments which offer the highest quality of design in both form and function with engaging architecture and a fully integrated public realm.

We look beyond individual buildings to think about the spaces around them. We focus on assets where we are able to control the broader environment and can therefore undertake broader and bolder design. We also pioneer new building technologies and the most sustainable practices.

How does design fit into Placemaking?

We believe that innovative and inspired design is an integral part of Placemaking, which is how we create Places People Prefer. We work with both established and new designers to help create places have a positive social, environmental and economic impact, benefiting local communities and future proofing environments.

Hear what others say about design and Placemaking.

Making our developments distinctive

Yalding House, our most recently completed office development in the West End, was home to Radio 1 until 2012. Our refurbishment retained much of the original character of the building; the reception features an adjoining meeting and waiting room complete with turntable and extensive record collection. We believe the distinctive nature of the building will appeal to creative and technology focused sectors, which have been a key area of growth across the capital in recent years.

Improving the public realm at Paddington Central

We know from our recent survey of 1,000 office workers across the UK that outdoor areas and gardens are a key part of the ‘ideal office’. We’ve recently embarked on our second phase of upgrades at Paddington Central, which will transform the campus for the people who work and live there by creating a greener, more pedestrian friendly environment. Our plans include a Woodland Garden, an outdoor Games Room providing activities where people can socialise, a Library where people can relax and a Kitchen Garden with communal seating in the summer months. All enhancements are being carefully phased and managed to minimise disruption to retailers, residents, building occupants and visitors.

Designing for a low carbon future

At St Stephen’s in Hull, we have installed 1,100 photovoltaic panels generating enough clean power to fulfil a third of all electricity demand in the common areas. The panels build on the Centre’s award-winning efficiency programme, which has reduced landlord energy by 40% since 2010, saving occupiers £383,100 and cutting carbon emissions by 2,470 tonnes. Other innovations include a rainwater harvesting system which provides over one million litres of water each year and a food-to-water treatment plant which recycles 15 tonnes of food waste annually.

Drawing inspiration from local heritage

At Clarges Mayfair we are creating a new and elegant landmark. It is entirely rooted in the history of the surrounding area, taking inspiration from local heritage and craftsmanship. This is reflected in the fluted design of the columns, which are made from Portland stone, the delicate aluminium bronze balustrades that are inspired by the branches of the plane trees lining Green Park and the bread lace collars that were fashionable in 16th century Mayfair.