Help us connect with our customers and market our properties.

This is where we connect with our customers.

British Land creates and operates places people prefer. The marketing teams help identify what drives that preference; what the implications are for what we do; and how we best communicate what we have to offer. Our focus is on identifying and highlighting the things that both differentiate us from the competition and motivate our different stakeholders and target audiences.

Creating a consistent brand image is important – whether looking at an individual asset, a campus environment, or for British Land as a whole. We work with other members of the British Land team to define a brand personality and then bring it to life through visual identity, products and services, and marketing communication programmes.

We work in partnership across the business with small teams in each of the retail, office and residential businesses as well as for British Land as a whole. We get things done through a support network of expert agencies in each of the marketing disciplines such as research, design, branding, PR and communications.

Marketing is a subject that everyone has experience of (and we certainly find that most people aren’t short of an opinion about what we do). We seek to structure our thinking, so that our decisions are less about “do I like it?” and more about “does it drive the desired belief or behaviour?” Once a strategy is agreed, we then ensure the message is consistent with the wider brand.

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Retail marketing

Our UK retail assets account for nearly 60% of our portfolio and vary from super regional shopping parks to in town shopping centres. Marketing spans a wide spectrum of activity, from B2C digital delivery of retailer messaging to shoppers through to B2B marketing to potential occupiers of new or existing stores.

Retail Marketing here is all about driving footfall to our retail assets, making this an area suited to those with destination marketing experience. You’ll also need to know how to engage successfully with a wide range of stakeholders – everyone from asset and property managers to managing agents and leasing agents, and obviously the retailers themselves, from store managers to head office marketers.

Office and residential marketing

British Land doesn’t just invest in retail space. We also develop high-quality properties for the office and residential sectors. Both are highly competitive markets, so we’ll look to you to deliver intelligent and insightful campaigns. Collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, you’ll define the target audience, objectives and strategy for each asset before project managing campaign delivery.

It’s a brilliant opportunity for those looking to break into our sector. Because we’re still evolving processes in this area, we’re keen to hear from marketing professionals from outside the industry. Provided you’re driven, dynamic and brimming with good ideas, this is your chance to come in and make your mark.