Group debt maturity profile

(excluding share of Funds & JVs debt)

The Group has significant long-term financing in place: the weighted average maturity of this debt at {NUM|Current Date} was {NUM|WADEBTMAT-GRPHUT} years.

  March 2017 March 2016
Payable: within one year and on demand {NUM|PYB1YRDEM} 74
Payable between:    
one and two years {NUM|PYB1-2} 504
two and five years {NUM|PYB2-5} 1,491
five and ten years {NUM|PYB5-10} 807
ten and fifteen years {NUM|PYB10-15} 500
fifteen and twenty years {NUM|PYB15-20} 385
twenty and twenty-five years {NUM|PYB20-25} 0
Gross debt {NUM|GROSSDBT} 3,761
Interest rate derivatives {NUM|IRD} (30)
Cash and short-term deposits {NUM|CASH} (114)
Net debt {NUM|NETDBT} 3,617
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