GRI Index 2016

We have reported in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2010. Selected key performance data has been independently assured under the ISAE 3000 standard since 2011.

In our GRI Index 2016, we are pleased to set out how our sustainability reporting aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 Core Option Guidelines and GRI Construction and Real Estate Sector Disclosures document.

We have cross-referenced our sustainability reporting to the guidelines under the headings:

  • Profile: General Standard Disclosures, which provide the overall context for understanding our performance including our strategy, profile and governance.
  • Management Approach: Specific Standard Disclosures Part 1, which explain how we manage the material sustainability issues reported in the Performance Indicators section.
  • Performance Indicators: Specific Standard Disclosures Part 2, reporting against 62 performance indicators including at least one indicator from each category. For partial disclosures, where we meet some but not all of the GRI requirements, we have provided a short commentary.
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