Buildings make spaces, but people make places.

From hosting literacy events for schoolchildren and giving young people insights into careers in the built environment, to creating community artworks celebrating local heritage, we’re connecting with our local communities. For more on what we’re doing, visit our Blogs.

We’ve won awards from Business in the Community for our community programme every year for a decade – recognising our positive local contributions. View our Awards.


Anna Devlet, Head of Community: “We focus on community because we want our places to make a positive contribution locally and be considered part of their local neighbourhoods. We do this through Our Local Charter and by empowering our site teams to support local initiatives and give local people a say. This embeds our places locally, enlivens and opens up our assets and promotes diversity and enjoyment."

Our Local Charter

Download our Local Charter, Community Funding Guidelines and other guidance: Policies.

Find out about our Community Investment Committee: Governance. 


Contributions and outcomes 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14
Community programme beneficiaries 29,482 18,791 19,777
Community programme investment, including management time £2,285,581 £2,085,062 £1,850,939
Community programme as a percentage of pre-tax profits 0.63% 0.67% 0.62%
Community contributions through planning and development £32,187,157 £11,646,261 £6,987,436
Volunteering 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14
British Land employee volunteering – 2020 target 90% 84% 83% 77%
British Land employee skills-based volunteering – 2020 target 20% 16% 10% 11%
Key supplier volunteering (hours) 5,439 2,560 2,146

We are also piloting surveys to measure community trust at our places, as well as how engaged and understood local communities feel.

For more on our performance: Targets and performance.

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