We identify what matters most by engaging with stakeholders, monitoring external trends, assessing risks, benchmarking our performance, reviewing best practice, consulting experts and working with people across the business.

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Our materiality review and sustainability reporting cover material activities for British Land, including activities by our subsidiary, Broadgate Estates, on our behalf. They do not cover Broadgate Estates’ activities on behalf of others.

  • Stakeholder engagement: We regularly engage with our key stakeholders, including customers, local communities, employees, suppliers, investors, analysts, local authorities and Government. Stakeholder feedback informs the development of our sustainability strategy and activities. More on stakeholder engagement
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Our materiality matrix

The development of our materiality matrix was informed by feedback from 750 stakeholders in 2014. These included retail occupiers, office occupiers, community contacts, local authorities, investors and analysts, employees, suppliers and sustainability specialists. We review our material issues annually. We will be carrying out further stakeholder engagement on our materiality matrix in 2018.

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For more detail on our 2014 stakeholder engagement see our Stakeholder Engagement Report 2014: Reports and publications.

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