Places influence how inhabitants feel, behave and interact.

From transforming public spaces at Glasgow Fort and Paddington Central, to testing wellbeing innovations in our own offices, we’re putting our wellbeing principles into practice through our placemaking strategy. For more on what we’ve been doing, visit our Blogs.

Our health and safety management systems across all our activities are OHSAS 18001 accredited, an internationally applied British standard.

Matt Webster, Head of Wellbeing and Futureproofing: "In a changing world, our focus on wellbeing helps us create places that make people feel happier and healthier, places where they want to work and spend time, places where they’re productive. This all helps our occupiers attract and retain the best talent, and retailers attract loyal customers."



Our approach

  • Providing safe, well-managed environments for the people who work, shop and live in our places.
  • Partnering with occupiers to pilot wellbeing and productivity features.
  • Increasing worker, shopper and resident preference by inspiring wellbeing and productive working.


Wellbeing key performance indicators 2020 target Trend 2017 2016
Deliver a WELL certified commercial office to shell and core, and set corporate policy for future developments Deliver
On track
Target established
Develop and pilot retail wellbeing specification Deliver
On track
Target established
Increase the sense of wellbeing for shoppers, retailers and occupiers at our places
On track
Baseline established
Define and trial a methodology for measuring productivity in offices Deliver
On track
Target established
Research and publish on how development design impacts public health outcomes Deliver
On track
Target established

For more on our performance data: Performance overview.

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